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About Us

Our Approach

On the way to healthy life, there is several aspects which are very important, such a movement, healthy food, etc. Breath is one of them, but often neglected. Proper breathing is powerful and also is integral part of other aspects. On this site we give lots of information about breathing. Begining with yoga, through systema (Russian martial art) to breathing in daily life.

Our Story

In later years I started to exercise Tai-chi. It was something so exciting for me. I learnt about proper position, strange movement, correct breathing. It continued by Systema, which is Russian martial art. With Systema I realised everything what we do depends on breathing and vice versa. Whether we are angry in stress or – what is the most imporant – how we can be relaxed as much as possible. On my way I learnt something what is, in my opinion, really important. I would like to share with you these information. I still discover something new and it is more and more exciting.

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